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Making a great incall

October 15, 2013 at 8:15 pm


knowing how to offer a excellent incall place for customers is essential to be good escort, and each          great escort need to know the techniques to fantastic incalls. it is not enough to an incall place to be      hidden and practical, but it should also be customized, fresh, tidy, and risk-free. Use these ideas and      strategies to make your excellent incall: you can make your incall in a hotel, here is some                    suggestions to think about. They are: Customize your hotel room. Your incall place must be welcoming and reflect your impression. Due to the fact most the rooms of the hotels are general and basically designed, the rooms there will be plain. Make the place more “you” by having in candles, some towels, pillows, bed sheets, and romantic music.

Select a hotel with several parking possibilities. Some upscale, stylish hotels only enable their clients to valet park their cars. A lot of customers will not have a trouble with this service, when others will decide to stay more unknown and park on their own. Make sure that both valet and self-parking choices are offered.

Share your incall place with another escort to spend less cash. Nevertheless, be very careful who you choose as your partner. Create simple to realize suggestions that each one of you need to adhere to, and stick to them. If your partner is not able to follow them, end your agreement with him or her.

you need to be sure the hotel you are use for your incalls has many entrances.so for sure Your customers do not want to enter a elegant hotel from the front entrance each and every time he visits you. Except if he can clarify coming into the hotel for his business, it may look dubious for him to come to the hotel regularly. Give him a chance to get into your hotel unnoticed and unseen through side or back door.

Fresh up your room before check-out or prior to when the maid arrives to clean up. Pick up and throw away used condoms, food and drink containers and any other trash. Make the bed and pick up towels. By making it easy for the cleaning service to clean up you are not attracting extra attention to yourself or your customers. It’s also wise to tip the maid for her attention.
Select a exclusive incall place in a separate house or flat at a distance from your private house. There are other guidelines to think about when using a exclusive incall place:
Keep up the laundry at your place. Soiled towels, bed sheets and other things must be cleaned consistently. If washing laundry does pile up, make sure it is out of vision from any part of the incall place your customers may see.
Stay away from smells at your place. Cooking food, smoking cigarettes, piled up trash can and pets seem to cause smells. Customers are coming to you to satisfy a fantasy and they want to smell neither what you had for lunch nor your pet’s litter box. Stay away from everything that may cause smells in your incall place. Lightly aromatic candles or oil may give your place a enjoyable odor, but avoid heavy, overpowering smells.

massage oils and essences

October 15, 2013 at 8:12 pm


Aromatherapy is an old science about application of healing power of fragrant essence and art of therapy by means of the natural oils taken from planets.

Essence is liquid ingredients from plants, they are extracted in the unique ways. In the most basic ways of extract an essence are a technique steam distillations and a method of cold compressing out (for example, this method is used for reception of oil from citrus fruits as it contains in a dried peel).

Essence gives to each plant its specific, special aroma which also names as a spirit of a plant (one of word meanings “ether” – “soul”).

Essence is known by the vaporability and easily evaporates on air at room and above than temperature. Essence doesn’t include any fats at all. To check up the cleanness level and qualities of essence is possible, having dripped it on a paper, – good oil, having disappeared, won’t leave spots on it. If the fat trace stayed, that suggests that oil is not 100 % genuine.

Essence is contained in the special cages which are in different parts of plants and flowers:

- In flowers: a rose, neroli,

- In leaves: an eucalyptus, mint,

- In fruits: a lemon, an orange,

- In berries: a juniper,

- In wood: sandal tree,

- In branches: a petit grain,

- In seeds: angelica,

- In roots: ginger,

- In pitch: myrrh.

From one kind of plants it is possible to get many types of essence, for example, from an lemon tree it is probable to get 3 types of oil: from flowers (neroli), from fruits (lemon oil), from branches (oil a petit grain).

Essence reachs  an organism by way of a skin and the olfactory centers – through a nose of the person. The elements contained in essence are so little that free get through an integument, arrive in blood, and there from are taken to all organism.

Allocate pursuing essential categories of essence:

1. Stimulating nervous system: citrus oils, oil of a tea tree, rosemary, ylang-ylang, an eucalyptus, a geranium, a bergamot, a sage, ginger here concern.

2. Weakening nervous system: these are oils of lavender, a cedar, a cypress, an anise, a pink tree, mint, a balm, a sandal-wood tree.

3. The essences possessing anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties can be as weakening nervous system, and to stimulating it. To this group oils of a lemon, a sage, a tea tree, an eucalyptus, rosemary, a cedar concern.

The olfactory centers are closely connected with emotional reactions, and essence is capable to influence mood considerably.

For example, bergamot oil restores balance in an organism, raises mood, – is an excellent energizer; the camomile removes a nervous tension, calms, extinguishes negative emotions, promotes quiet and strong sleep; the sage is known for the toning up and invigorating action, also it deduces toxins from an organism.

The juniper not only deduces toxins and slags from an organism, but also “clears up” the mind, it is recommended as an auxiliary means at hungover syndrome. Besides, juniper oil is one of the most powerful oil with anti-cellulite effect.